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Using the Wrong Animal Bedding Can Be Dangerous

Animal BeddingA horse is both a beautiful animal and a sizeable investment, so the last thing you want to do is endanger their health or even their life by using the wrong animal bedding for them. They may seem like formidable creatures with little to fear, but certain types of qualities of animal bedding can bring them down pretty quickly.

  • Straw- It is quite common for many horse owners to use straw for animal bedding. However, it is the most susceptible to mold, and it can be very dusty. Both of these shortcomings can result in respiratory problems for your horse. In addition, sometimes horses are inclined to munch on straw, and that can result in impaction colic.
  • Wood Shavings– Wood shavings are another common type of animal bedding. This type of bedding is superior to straw in that it is more absorbent and is even easier to obtain than straw in some locations. Shavings have less dust, and you can even find wood shavings that have been well-screened to remove the dust entirely. Care must be taken to avoid shavings made from hardwood tree species, as they are toxic to horses.
  • Sawdust– Sawdust (or miniflake) is easy to pick through and is a cost-efficient option for animal bedding, since each bag will last longer in the stall. Again, the species of the wood is an important consideration.
  • Pellets– Equine pellet horse bedding has a number of fantastic benefits, including easy storage, easy use and quick decomposition. There are no known health dangers with using this particular animal bedding.

If you have more questions about which products make the best animal bedding, contact us at Champion Shavings Corporation. We will be glad to discuss both our high-quality wood shavings and our equine pellet horse bedding. Don’t let your horse develop respiratory problems when our animal bedding products are both safe and effective.