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The Benefits of Using Wood Shavings for Animal Bedding

Wood ShavingsThere are a number of options for animal bedding that you can choose from, each with advantages and disadvantages. To provide bedding for a horse’s stall, wood shavings have quite a few benefits that make it a superior choice in many cases. Although there are various tree species being used for wood shavings, if you are looking for horse bedding, your best option is pine wood shavings. Not only does pine smell wonderfully aromatic thanks to natural odour-absorbing oils, but it is also antibacterial and has ammonia-reducing properties. Other species also have benefits, but one you want to completely avoid is black walnut, as it can cause laminitis in horses. Cedar is also not recommended because it doesn’t decompose easily, and some horses may have skin sensitivity to it.

In order to achieve the benefits of pine wood shavings and avoid any potential problems, it is important to get high-quality, screened, kiln-dried wood shavings. The screening eliminates dust, which is problematic particularly for horses with respiratory problems. The kiln drying is to remove excess moisture, which could lead to mold. Also, wood shavings that haven’t been kiln-dried will weigh more, so you get less product overall.

Wood shavings can be obtained in various sizes from fine to extra-large, but most people find that medium flakes work the best. You’ll find that you get great cushioning with medium over the smaller sizes, while still maintaining a decent absorption rate.

At Champion Shavings Corporation, we have a process that enables us to offer the highest quality wood shavings you can find. Our wood shavings are 100% dust-screened, both kiln and air-dried before bagging, and we can customize your order to any size wood shavings you prefer. The bags the wood shavings come in are durable, water-resistant, UV proof plastic with gusset handles for easy carrying. If you have questions about using wood shavings for animal bedding, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your horse will be smiling with our high-quality wood shavings.