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How to Properly Use Wood Shavings

Wood ShavingsIn order to properly use wood shavings for your horse’s bedding, there are a few things to consider. You’ll need to decide which size flake will best suit your needs, how you plan to dispose of the bedding after the fact, the quality of the wood shavings you select, and how to put the wood shavings in place.

  • Flake Size – The smaller the wood shavings, the better the odour control, absorbency, and ease of use. It is also less costly to use the smaller wood shavings. The larger the wood shavings, the more comfort and cushioning, and often the better overall appearance. When you want the average of both worlds, going with medium flake wood shavings is the best bet.
  • Disposal – You will need to have a plan in place for disposal because some disposal sites will not accept wood shavings. If you will be composting the shavings yourself, consider that wood shavings take longer to break down, and nutrients are therefore released more slowly. That said, once it does break down, you’ll have some fantastic compost for your garden, lawn and other areas.
  • Quality – Some people are against wood shavings, pointing out the high dust and respiratory complications; however, they clearly are not aware of the high-quality dust-screened products that are now available. As long as you get one of these products, you and your horses are at little risk of any problems.
  • Placement – Just like you enjoy a lush, thick mattress on your bed, horses like to lie down if their shavings are comfortable. If you don’t have enough shavings in the stall, the horse can become prone to hock sores. It is even more important to have a thick layer of shavings if the stalls are not lined with rubber mats. Otherwise, your horse will be standing on hard ground all day, which is especially uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for performance horses.

If you have questions about wood shavings or wish to learn about our 100% dust-screened options, contact us at Champion Shavings Corporation. We’ll be glad to help you choose the right flake size and explain why our superior product is an ideal solution for your horses.