Typically, our customers receive their delivery of shavings 5 to 10 days after their order is placed. Once we load the truck and complete the necessary paperwork for freight, our reliable network of carriers work around the clock to get your delivery of shavings to you on time. A dedicated Champion Shavings representative will call one business day prior to delivery to ensure that you are kept up to date with the time that your shavings are expected to arrive, allowing you to make the necessary unloading preparations well in advance.

(Please remember that if you are located in the United States and are receiving a shipment from one of our Canadian locations, US Customs will require either a Federal Tax ID Number or a Social Security Number to clear the border.)

What is better: A Palletized or Hand-Stacked load of shavings?

This question depends entirely on personal preference and/or access to certain equipment necessary for unloading. For example, if you order a palletized load of shavings you will need a forklift (capable of lifting up to 2000 lbs) as well as a pallet-jack or 60′ chain length with a pallet-puller to unload the truck.

There are several benefits to ordering a palletized load of shavings: When your shavings are palletized it significantly decreases the amount of labour required to unload the truck. A palletized shipment also offers storage benefits as bags are tightly wrapped together in plastic and easily stored until they needed for use. (Pallet caps are available upon request.)

If you order a hand-stacked (floor loaded) truckload of shavings, a crew of about 4 or 5 people will be necessary to unload the truck within the 3 hour allotted unloading time period. As such, while palletized loads tend to be a little more expensive (less bags loaded onto the truck with the cost of freight remaining the same), you will save both time and the cost of labour by choosing the palletized option.

Please ask your sales representative for advice on which option makes the most sense for you if unsure. If you have any further questions, Contact Us.

The pictures below identify our suggestions to aid in the unloading of a full truckload of shavings. For more information, Contact Us.