Rubber Stall Mats

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Choosing Rubber Stall Mats for Your Horse

Many horse owners who have used rubber stall mats say they would never go back to using an alternative. Rubber stall mats are a proven material, and they come with many important health benefits for your cherished animals. While the cost may be more up-front, these 7 surprising health benefits will have you reconsidering just […]

Why Texting Messaging is Changing Business for the Better

While younger generations have already caught on to the perks of text messaging, businesses have only recently started to implement more texting and less talking into their operations. For businesses, texting gives customers direction information right when they want it and improves the customer experience as a whole by drastically reducing wait times and eliminating […]

Animal Bedding

Using the Wrong Animal Bedding Can Be Dangerous

A horse is both a beautiful animal and a sizeable investment, so the last thing you want to do is endanger their health or even their life by using the wrong animal bedding for them. They may seem like formidable creatures with little to fear, but certain types of qualities of animal bedding can bring […]

Congrats to Eric Lamaze for Winning Bronze in Rio!

Following this year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Eric Lamaze remains Canada’s most decorated Olympic show jumper. During the final, he earned a bronze medal in individual jumping. This was his fourth time competing in the Olympics, and the bronze medal was the third one he has earned during his career.

Horse Shavings

Which Type of Horse Shavings Should You Use?

Just about every species of tree has the ability to be taken down to its finest component, sawdust, as well as the slightly larger option, shavings. Does that mean you can use any type of wood for horse shavings? Actually, no, it doesn’t, and some types could be quite dangerous to use. Toxicity should always […]

Horse Shavings

Choosing Between Horse Shavings and Bedding Pellets

Two of the most common options for horse stall bedding are horse shavings and bedding pellets. Each has its advantages and disadvantages to consider, but in both cases, it is important to get only high-quality products. Low-grade shavings may be more affordable in the short run, but when your horse becomes ill, you’ll realize it […]