Pay up: Companies confronting the driver shortage one dime at a time

June 02, 2018 Maria Baker Despite national unemployment rates sitting at an “18-year low of 3.8 percent,” the so-called driver squeeze continues to make headlines in 2018, marking it “a pretty rowdy year in wages,” according to Gordon Klemp, president of the National Transportation Institute (FreightWaves, The Washington Post, USA Today, and NPR). Some trucking companies are pushing back against the […]

With drivers feeling constrained by ELDs, industry needs solutions to solve growing “flexibility crunch”

May 26, 2018 Dean Croke, chief analytics officer, FreightWaves Imagine the worst boss you’ve ever had looking over your shoulder all day and telling you what to do, and then once 14 hours have elapsed since you drove to work, you have to drop everything, stop work and take a 10-hour break regardless of the time […]

California’s hostile environment for the trucking industry

May 04, 2018 Matt Wimberly, freight markets reporter This past week, I had the opportunity to visit the lovely state of California, with its thriving tech sector and massive ports that provide the front door to the American retail economy. In speaking with a number of people on the ground, I came away with an impression […]

ELD devices give carriers pricing power

May 01, 2018 Craig Fuller Tweeners offer the biggest rate opportunity for carriers Deregulation had a profound impact on the trucking market that resulted in massive upheaval for the incumbents. If you look at the top 100 trucking companies that existed before deregulation, only about 20% are still around. The rest went away because they couldn’t […]

Trucking prices remain elevated and signs point to higher rates in other modes

April 10, 2018 Ibrahiim Bayaan, chief economist, FreightWaves Data on producer prices shows continued signs of pressure for overall inflation in the economy as announced tariffs led to a jump in steel prices in March.  Trucking prices leveled off in March but remain strong relative to this point last year, and other modes of freight such […]

Hours of service changes might be coming soon. The industry will be safer if they pass.

March 29, 2018 Matt Wimberly, freight markets reporter Late Thursday evening Texas Rep. (R) Brian Babin introduced a bill in the House that will change the hours of service regulations for American truckers. The bill is intended to modifiy the 14 hour rule and would allow drivers to enjoy a three-hour break without the time counting […]