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7 Surprising Health Benefits of Choosing Rubber Stall Mats for Your Horse

Rubber Stall MatsMany horse owners who have used rubber stall mats say they would never go back to using an alternative. Rubber stall mats are a proven material, and they come with many important health benefits for your cherished animals. While the cost may be more up-front, these 7 surprising health benefits will have you reconsidering just how valuable rubber stall mats can be.

  1. Clean – Straw and other bedding materials can house a variety of unwanted materials, anywhere from mould and mildew to urine and dust. Rubber stall mats keep these hazards at bay because they are easy to clean and maintain.
  2. Elevated – With just a bit of thickness, your horse is raised from standing on the dirt or cement of their stall. This inch or two of padding keeps moisture away, allowing for proper drainage. This also helps to avoid frozen areas on the floor.
  3. Level and Even – Many bedding materials can become uneven, leaving holes and dips that are uncomfortable and possibly hazardous for your animals. Mats that are properly maintained are even and level at all times.
  4. More Slip-Resistant – When winter rolls around, floor mats help to keep frost away. Even if moisture does make its way into your stalls, rubber stall mats are more slip-resistant than other bedding materials, helping your animals of all ages and health conditions stay safe from trips and falls.
  5. Reduced Dust – While most bedding materials are excellent at keeping dust down, rubber mats eliminate that potential almost completely. Properly cleaned stalls will not build up dust, preserving your horses’ lungs.
  6. Insulation – Rubber stall mats provide a level of insulation that keeps a horse’s body temperature in a safe range.
  7. Padding – There are many reasons padding can benefit your animals. Whether they are unhealthy, elderly, foaling, or wrestling, your animals will be kept safe from the hard stall ground.