Quality Wood Flake Bedding for Horse Stalls

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Quality Wood Shavings

At Champion Shavings Corporation we believe that our customers should always come first. Our dedicated employees work hard to ensure that our customer’s needs are met and that their expectations are consistently surpassed. Whether you need help with a general inquiry, quoting, or ensuring a reliable and efficient delivery, our customer service simply cannot be beat.


About Champion Shavings

Founded in December 2004, Champion Shavings is committed to supplying our valued customers with the highest quality pine shavings available in North America. Our wood flake bedding for horse stalls is compressed into heat-sealed plastic bags with a guaranteed labeled expanded volume, which we proudly deliver anywhere across the United States and Canada from one of our ten conveniently located manufacturing facilities. Our shavings are dust-free, kiln-dried, and rigorously screened for any unwanted debris producing a clean, quality bagged wood shaving product. We ensure that each bag is filled with top-quality shavings for horses and other livestock uses including show pig shavings, poultry shavings, and dairy shavings.

Quality Wood Shavings

At Champion Shavings we enforce rigorous screening procedures to ensure that each bag of shavings not only meets our customer’s expectations but exceeds industry standards. Using only softwood lumber, our bulk wood flake bedding for horse stalls is 100% dust-screened, eliminating dust (a known carcinogen). Our shavings are also kiln-dried, allowing for the lowest possible moisture content to maximize absorption in stalls and produce extremely absorbent wood shavings. Finally, our shavings are sent through multiple screeners to separate any large, unwanted pieces of wood or debris from the flakes that we sell to our customers. The end result is dry, absorbent bagged wood shavings we are proud to stand behind and deliver to our valued customers.

Fast, Reliable Shipping

At Champion Shavings we offer fast, reliable shipments of bagged wood shavings from any of our ten manufacturing facilities located on both the East and West Coast of the United States and Canada. Once an order is placed with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives, a full transport truckload of shavings will be sent directly from the facility that is closest to your delivered location to minimize your cost and delivery time. We guarantee reliable communication from the moment that the order is placed to the moment that your delivery arrives to ensure consistent, no-hassle, and worry-free deliveries.

Excellent Customer Service

At Champion Shavings we believe that our customers should always come first. Our network of dedicated employees including our hard-working machine operators, courteous office staff, and professional drivers will see that your order is efficiently taken care of from beginning to end. Whether you have questions about your delivery, or if you are checking on the status of your load, we’re always here to help!